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Our toner cartridges are manufactured by an ISO 9001-certified facility
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Corporate Services

Why are we always winning supply tenders?

  • Our prices are GUARANTEED to compete with your current supplier, and we are eco friendly!
  • Dedicated Eco products ensures your business maintains your CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY
  • QUALITY ECO PRODUCTS that equal too or exceed non-renewable resource product quality

Businesses pay increasing attention...

... to the environmental credentials of their supplies. They do this for many good reasons:

  • It helps them to comply with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda
  • Employees prefer to work for companies that have strong environmental policies
  • Current and impending legislation will enforce tougher environmental standards, so they are ahead of the curve
  • The quality of environmentally responsible goods is equal to - or superior to - conventional goods
  • In many cases environmentally responsible goods are cheaper than the alternative

Corporate CMYK

At Frog Stat, we have conducted exhaustive research into the office equipment market, both in the UK and worldwide. We have assembled a selection running to more than 30,000 products, sourced from Australia, the United States, South Africa and elsewhere, each of them conforming to the highest environmental standards.

With the benefit of this wealth of research and our extensive range of products, we are able to supply businesses of all sizes, up to the largest corporate requirements.

We use low-emission vehicles and we're in consultation for gaining our ISO14001 accreditation - the highest possible environmental standard. More than 70 per cent of our goods are made in the UK from sustainable sources.

More than this, we can promise first class customer and after-sales service to complement the quality of our products. We will collect used ink & toner cartridges free of charge, and we donate £0.50 from each order to numerous environmental and sustainable research commissions, to support planting schemes that offset whatever CO2 emissions have been created in the manufacture of our products.

We are passionate about two things: the environment and our products. Once you have tried us, you'll agree. It's an infectious passion.